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All of the items below ship within two business days. A massive consignment arrived here at The Depot. These items are all in stock, in new condition (many still in their original plastic). I have personally inspected each item. Previously owned, but never used.

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Creative Magic Tablecase

Possibly the most practical magic performance table ever. Packs into a small bag, easy to transport. Plenty of storage with customizable pockets and shelves for holding all your props. Sets up in about two minutes. After your show, the entire table folds into a small bag with the props still in it ready to go. Incredibly useful, onstage and off. This Show Table was the last product Creative Magic made, and it was NEVER RELEASED to the general magic community. This is probably your last chance to own one. See it in action!

Collectable Price: $1200.00
Sale Price: $700 each
Sale Price: $500 each
Available: 3
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Helmet Head Twister Illusion

One of Creative Magic’s final products was a “surprise” Helmet Head Twister Kit. It came with everything you needed, minus the helmet. The kit was never released to the general magic community, and it was never listed on their website. It is one of their most creative adaptations. It packs flat—like all of their products—and plays HUGE! If you have been wanting to add the classic illusion to your act, here is a unique TWIST. Get the details!

Collectable Price: $700
Sale Price: $500
Sale Price: $300
Available: 1
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Shadow Tent Illusion

tentwithgirlSpecially designed by professional magicians and custom manufactured by a leading tent fabricator, the Shadow Tent is every magician’s dream come true. Durable, extremely lightweight, packs super small, and sets up in minutes. This will sell FAST. See it here!

Collectable Price: $2000
Sale Price: $1500 each
Sale Price: $900 each
Available: SOLD OUT
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B Screens (Bryce Screens)

bscreensfullFinally! A portable version of the famous Bryce Screens. B Screens is the perfect way to produce Santa or a CEO, as the blocking can be learned in minutes. It is also a great way to produce yourself, fast and visual! It’s a time-tested illusion that can be performed TOTALLY surrounded. This is a must have, but only one magician will score this incredible illusion.

Collectable Price: $2000
Sale Price: $1800
Sale Price: $1500
Available: SOLD OUT

Flip Switch

Possibly the most practical transposition ever. Packs into the smallest duffle bag Creative Magic ever made. A simple and beautiful prop that can be used in a wide variety of appearances, disappearances, and transpositions.

Collectable Price: $1200
Sale Price: $1000
Sale Price: $900
Available: SOLD OUT

Cube Squared (Human Square Circle)

Cube Squared is a human square circle with endless performance possibilities. The basic performance idea is to show the two cubes empty and then produce a person or large objects using the square circle method. Cube Squared is specially designed to be compatible with Victory Cubes.

csallthreeCollectable Price: $1100
Sale Price: $900
Available: SOLD OUT

Invisible Paint

Invisible Paint is a Square Circle that is also a Phantom Tube, manufactured to look like a standard paint can. Now, pulling colors out of a “tube” makes sense! It is one of the most popular illusions ever produced by Creative Magic. A clever combination of principles and design. It’s easy to transport, easy to setup, fun to perform. See it in action here!

ip-2Collectable Price: $1000
Collectable Price: $800

Sale Price: $600
Available: 1
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Random Fate

Get ready to have some fun! Energize your crowd! Random Fate takes “Packs tiny, plays HUGE” to a whole new level! Perform Random Fate solo, or combine it with Victory Cubes. Random Fate comes with twelve beach ball/balloon covers numbered one through twelve to help you in your “ultimate quest for randomness!” And, of course, it comes with a custom bag that expands to become a large duffle bag to hold it all.

Collectable Price: $1000.00
Collectable Price: $800.00

Sale Price: $700
Available: SOLD OUT

Victory Cubes

Instantly transform an auditorium into a Vegas showroom! Add a quick and easy change of scenery to your show with hardly any setup or lugging heavy sets. Great for hiding props on stage. In fact, you can pull small props out of any of the spandex dots. cubesstackmePerfect for blocking those tricky angles, or for ditching used props. See it in action!

Collectable Price: $800.00
Collectable Price: $600.00

Sale Price: $350
Available: 5
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Knot a Card Trick

Perform the classic Cut and Restored Rope trick with a deck of specially printed Bicycle cards. Watch the video!

Price: $29.95
Available: 20
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Pandora Bag Set (Double Pack + DVD)

What makes these bags so different from most force bags is The Pandora Bag starts out completely empty. The audience drops the contents into the bag and without you touching a single item in the bag, it becomes a force bag with you in 100% control of panddorabagwhat item will be selected every single time.

Collectable Price: $200.00
Sale Price: $100
Available: SOLD OUT

Pandora Bag (small)

This is the small Pandora Bag only, without DVD. What makes this bag so different from most force bags is The Pandora Bag starts out completely empty. The audience drops the contents into the bag and without you touching a single item in the bag, it becomes a force bag with you in 100% control of what item will be selected every single time.

Collectable Price: $150
Sale Price: $75
Available: 5
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Bruised Refills (4 x Bundle)

Bruised just might be the most powerful way to reveal someone’s thoughts. It is a great new way to reveal a chosen or thought of card but it is much more than that. It can be used with coin tricks, ESP tricks, to reveal a number, name, initials, or word and so on. Get the bundle!

Collectable Price: $150.00
Sale Price: $100
Available: 1 bundle (four refill packs)
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Biggest Inflatable Wand

The largest wand ever made by Creative Magic. This massive wand is made from durable inflatable materials. Includes a carrying bag.

Collectable Price: $185.00
Sale Price: $100
Available: SOLD OUT

Pandora Bag (super)

This is the Super “jumbo” Pandora Bag only, without DVD. What makes this bag so different from most force bags is The Pandora Bag starts out completely empty. The audience drops the contents into the bag and without you touching a single item in the bag, it becomes a force bag with you in 100% control of what item will be selected every single time.

Collectable Price: $150
Sale Price: $75
Available: SOLD OUT

Change Cap

The most innocent looking and un-suspecting change bag ever! It looks just like an ordinary baseball cap, and you can wear it just like a baseball cap. It is stretch fit so the standard/small size fits most heads, but you don’t have to wear it at all. It can be used for endless change bag effects for stage workers, mentalists, kids performers, and street performers.

Collectable Price: $200
Sale Price: $100
Available: SOLD OUT

Bigger Wands Covers

If you have a set of Bigger Wands, then you know what these covers do, and chances are, you’ve been looking for a set since they were discontinued by Creative Magic. This item is not available though our website. Use PayPal to purchase direct.

Collectable Price: $150
Sale Price: $100
Available: SOLD OUT


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