Now That Smartzzzz! (Quiz)

Magicians tend to be highly intelligent people, a characteristic beneficial to fooling modern audiences. See how you rank among other magicians by answering these five questions…

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"String Theory"

“String Theory”

PRIZES! Everyone who scores “The Smartest Magician Alive” by getting all five questions correct, will be entered into a drawing to receive the download of their choice absolutely free! We’ll choose three winners. Post in the comments and share on Facebook or Twitter so we know how to contact you. THIS QUIZ IS STILL ACTIVE, BUT WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!

Good luck on the test. It is a toughie!

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  • Currently, the highest ranking magicians to take this test are Tom Stone and Tomas Blomberg.

  • Tom G

    And 5/5 for another Tom!

    • Toms are scoring high on this test. Interesting!

  • Wm Osburn

    5/5 with Magic as the star magician! As Arthur C. Clarke said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

    • Clarke is one of my favorite authors. I can see most of his books from here on my shelf.

  • Danny Beveridge

    Five out of Five!

    • Congratulations! That’s really an accomplishment.

  • Peter Nicoll

    55 joined the club.

  • Just checked the stats this morning. The test has been taken 372 times!!! There are about twenty 5/5 scores, which is really impressive. Lets give it another 24 hours and then I will collect all the winners for the drawing. Thank You for participating. I really enjoyed putting this test together and hope you guys had fun playing.

  • David Reich

    5 out of 5. Now let’s see how lucky I am here ;-)

    • The odds are still pretty good.

  • George

    An SAT/ACT score of 1246 – an IQ of 157 = ?
    Remember this is a book test.

    • George Buckley

      The answer is 1089

      • Ha! Congratulations on all your scores.

  • Kevin Hunckler


  • Scott Humerickhouse

    I got 5/5. Unfortunately, I wasn’t logged in when I took the test. I think that it logged me only as Scott. I hope that it registered my score correctly. I would really like to win. Thank you!

  • Now with over 500 scores recorded, we have nearly 50 people who have answered all five questions correctly. We’ll give it a few more hours and then I will choose the winners. Thanks for playing!

  • WE HAVE WINNERS! The three winners from The Smartest Magician Alive quiz results drawing are… Danny Beveridge, Ben Levy, and Mark Thomas! Congratulations guys. I sent you an email with the details to claim your prize.