Buy Magic, Get a Free Boat! (or take the mystery box)

On a famous episode of Family Guy, the characters are presented with a choice after watching a timeshare presentation. They can take the mystery box, or they can have a free boat.

While everyone else takes the boat, Peter Griffin cannot resist the allure of the mystery box. After all, “A mystery box can be anything. It can even be a boat! And you know how long we’ve wanted one of those.”


Place an order at The Magic Depot, and write in the comments box during the checkout process, “MYSTERY BOX” or “BOAT” to make your selection.

IF YOU CHOOSE BOAT, in addition to your order, you will receive a two-person inflatable boat. Perfect for a last-minute summer get-away, or autumn fishing trip. Priority shipping is required for your order, but there are no additional shipping charges for your FREE BOAT!

IF YOU CHOOSE MYSTERY BOX, well, that could be anything. It could even be a boat! But it won’t be a joke. The mystery box is actually a pretty serious gift. Our FREE SHIPPING offer applies for mystery box orders.

TO QUALIFY: In the United States, place an order for $100 or more. International orders place an order for $200 or more (helps us cover the extra shipping cost for your boat). Offers not valid with any other discount or free item.

Offer ENDS Wednesday at Midnight.

Start shopping FEATURED MAGIC!

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