Celebrity Spirit Slates (How To)

One of the tricks included in Deck of Slates is a ghost story. The patter features an old chalk artist who, for a few dollars, would draw the celebrity of your choice. He died years ago, but that didn’t stop the magic…

The magician shows a packet of blank slates—blank both sides—that supposedly belonged to the artist when he was still alive.

A celebrity is chosen (super-simple smartphone trick), and their image magically appears on one of the cards. Then the image appears on all of the cards in the packet!

Very easy to do.

And sure, you could write the celebrity’s name instead of drawing their picture, but the image is much stronger, and the name removes any confusion. Not everyone can draw a portrait, though. Which brings me to the question:

How do you get the image on the slate if you can’t draw?

That’s pretty easy too.

First, print out an image of the celebrities you want to use. The images can also come from a newspaper (possible with magazines, but more difficult due to the glossy surface).

Hold the image against a window, and trace the back of it with white chalk. Sharpen the chalk in a pencil sharpener for a fine point. Next, lay the image against the slate, chalk down, and press the chalk onto the surface of the card.

The transfer process creates a light outline of the person’s face on the slate. Trace over it with the chalk to darken the lines and make a more permanent mark. Now, you’re ready to perform Celebrity Spirit Slates. Only one image is required for the trick.

Want to use this technique on a light-colored surface? Use charcoal instead of chalk.

You’ll learn the trick with a quick read of the instructions. There is also information on ensuring the marks last a long time—near permanent—yet still look like chalk. Use this method to transfer all sorts of drawings to your slates, adding even more versatility to this new deck.

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