On the Shoulders of Giants…

Howard Thurston by Aaron SmithAfter announcing my drawing of Howard Thurston last year, I had several magicians asking for prints. High quality prints will be available down the line, but in the meantime, I thought of a fun way to share the great magician with my friends here at The Depot.

Next time you place an order with me, check the package. We’re including a miniature print of the illustration right there on the invoice! And over the next six months, I will introduce six new illustrations of famous magicians. Collect all seven!

But who should the next six be? I’ll leave that up to you. Who are the giants… the shoulders in which we all stand?

After I finish the last portrait, everyone who responds in the comments below with their choice of the next six, will get an ebook showing the drawings from rough sketch to final illustration.

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About Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith, owner of The Magic Depot, is a writer, illustrator, and magic creator. Follow Best Kept Secrets and The Magic Depot @magicdepot on Twitter.

  • Steve Friedberg

    Obviously, as a card guy, I would list two names: Dai Vernon and SW Erdnase. The former opened an entirely new genre of performance that virtually every close-up magician emulates today, and he relied heavily on the thinking and mechanics of the former.

    • Steve, I agree. Please send me a photo of Erdnase and I’ll get started :o)

      • Steve Friedberg

        You can find a picture of him, via Richard Hatch, in “Erdnase Unmasked.”

        • His identity is still controversial, yes?

          • Steve Friedberg

            Agreed. It’s never been definitively established, but Hatch and others make a strong case for E.S. Andrews.

          • A strong case, I agree. But I haven’t researched it enough to make that claim for this project. Erdnase is the Voldemort of the magic community… we dare not speak his true name :o)

  • Eric Appel

    Harry Blackstone Sr., Keller, Houdini, Copperfield, Vernon, Slydini

  • Steve Smith

    Doug Henning

    • I agree… Doug Henning is a legend. Henning inspired many of today’s industry leaders who, in turn, have inspired the largest generation of magicians ever. Of course, there were other legends who inspired those industry leaders. Was Henning the greatest magician of the past 50 years?