Five Steps to Corporate Gigs

The most successful corporate magicians have corporate knowledge, or at least a corporate attitude. They are performers with experience speaking with and to business owners, merchants, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Don’t worry if that doesn’t describe you right now, it is a skill you can learn. And in the process, you will obtain lifelong clients and friends.

Here’s how to get started…

Step One: Learn to Talk Shop

Any two business owners or corporate officers will find enough in common to have a meaningful conversation, even if they are from vastly different industries. If you want to attract a business market, you have to think like a businessperson and learn to speak their language. Watch business news, network with local business owners, and read business-related blogs. Realize that as a magician looking to book shows you are a business owner. Once you find specific industries you like, study the nuance and focus in on a potential market.

Step Two: Develop Your Message

A corporate officer needs only one small excuse to justify their booking your show. A message is an excellent excuse. If you have something to say that a business owner needs his or her employees to hear, then he or she will hire you to speak—to perform your show. Developing a message, or several messages that appear as separate shows, adds to your product line. Plus, having multiple messages allows a company to book your show more than once. Constantly develop, refine, and promote your message(s) to learn where you might split them into new shows.

Step Three: Incorporate Your Message Into a Show

Once you have developed a unique message that is understandable, teachable, and sellable, you need to build a show around it. The message should be short, sweet, and repeated throughout your show. Do not let the magic take away from the message, instead, use magic to highlight and pound home the message. Remember, in “corporate magician,” corporate comes first.

Step Four: Beat Your Message Online

Journalists, bloggers, and essayists refer to their area of focus as their beat. If your beat is “Theft Reduction” and your market is retailers, then learn everything there is to know about in-store shoplifting. Attend seminars and study techniques and deterrents; develop understanding for the market’s needs and offer the market a solution. Then write about it. Even if you are a lousy writer—you will get better with practice—start a blog that focuses on that one topic and beat it into the ground. Advertise it through your website and social media. Appear to be THE source on that one topic. Write a book if you can. Then network with people in need of your solution—both online and offline—and offer your services.

Step Five: Repeat Your Success

Find what works, and do it over and over again. Add areas of focus that compliment your primary market and develop additional messages—shows—to offer those to your clients. A half-dozen different shows with versions for closeup, parlor, and stage will give you a better chance at initial success, and net return business from satisfied customers.

You don’t need to have business experience right now to gain business experience over the next few years—though many of the best corporate entertainers have a corporate background. It all starts with mindset. If you are a magician, you own a business. Operate it like a business. Live within your business persona until you can communicate and relate with your entrepreneurial colleagues. You are one of them.

If you need help setting up your blog, ask questions in the comments and I will assist you publicly so that others can profit from the information. If you have specific questions unique to your own situation, email me and I will do my best to help you brainstorm solutions.

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