Can Your PK Deck Do THIS?!?!?! (video)

Can your PK deck do this? Probably not. But you can do all those things and more with mine, and I’ll give you one FREE!

This is my “pet” PK deck, not a mass-produced product. I need a super-strong, super-thin PK deck gimmick for a signature routine—unpublished—that I perform every year at a special event. The spectator selects a deck for me to use from an unopened brick. I have to make a dozen PK decks every year, but only need one. Giving away the extras has become a tradition.

This means I only have 11 DECKS LEFT!

Update! Only 10 DECKS LEFT!

Update! Only 9 DECKS LEFT!

Update! Only 7 DECKS LEFT!

Update! Only 6 DECKS LEFT!

There are two ways you can get one of these decks: Place an order for $50 or more, write “FREE PK DECK” in the comments box during checkout, and I will give you one FREE! Or click the link below to buy one of my PK decks for $39.95, plus shipping.

Limit one deck per customer, please.

This deck does not come with instructions. It is a professional prop meant for magicians who are already well-versed in PK magic. If you are new to PK magic, there are a variety of items at The Depot to help you get started.

U.S. magicians click here:
International magicians click here:


Best Kept Secrets Video Edition!

Here is this week’s Best Kept Secrets video blog…

Count Deckula Claws Out from the Underground!

count_deckula_aaron_smithThe newest addition to the Pro-Magic Wand Scroll series is Count Deckula. I like to say it’s Hamman’s Signed Card, REVAMPED! His famous trick has always been one of my favorite plots, and now this version has my attention because of the pop-culture obsession with vampires and zombies.

Actually, there’s another reason I like Count Deckula. It features a slight I use probably more than anyone else in the world. It’s not a popular sleight, but I think that’s because it is typically just a flourish. Here, it finds a home as part of a full routine.

If you are looking for something a little lot different, Count Deckula is for you. Like it says in the description, Count Deckula is a comedy routine, or you can play it serious and go for the throat!

Count Deckula is a Pro-Magic Wand Scroll—Number III in the series. That means there is only one way you can get it. FREE! Click here to read more…