Dollar Shotpossible (Full Trick)

When you are out with friends or family at dinner, the environment of the table is ideal for Dollar Shotpossible—a direct trick, easy to do with interaction from your spectators. Perform it for those you know during the intimacy of a meal, or for an audience of strangers as part of your parlor show.

The Effect

IMG_0344Have a dollar bill signed or in some way marked or noted. Fold it into fourths and set it in the center of the table under an inverted clear glass—no way out for the dollar. A rocks glass is ideal due to its size and shape. Cover the glass with a napkin and have someone on the other side of the table cup the glass with both hands, keeping it securely on the table.

Move some of the items from around the glass out of the way—other glasses, plates, etc—giving yourself some room to work. Make it clear that the spectator is charged with making sure the dollar does not escape. In contrast, you are tasked with stealing the dollar from under the glass. The heat is on!

And guess who wins?

The Reveal

I like to perform Dollar Shotpossible after the check has arrived, so that I can point to the little black tray or portfolio that so often holds the check: inside, is the spectator’s signed dollar! Having escaped the glass despite the spectator’s steady assurance to the contrary.

After the reveal, the spectator guards an empty glass, yet they hold it so tightly and with such conviction you must verbally request they let go and remove the napkin; a second reveal as it were. But of course, the glass is empty. You can reveal the empty glass before or after the dollar, I like showing the glass empty afterwards, as it is the perfect punctuation to the trick.

The Method

We might imagine that a trick so simple must be incredibly difficult. But the method, like the performance, is easy to do.

Remember, the glass does not move during the trick. Shotpossible is not a Cups and Balls technique. This trick loses some of its perceived impossibility if the glass is scooted forward as there is not additional routine to mask the action—the magician could simply tilt the glass and steal the dollar during the move, which is easy for the audience to recall in a single phase routine. Instead, begin with the dollar in the center of the table and set the glass straight down on top of it.

When you fold the dollar slip a shim inside or keep it folded tight with a paperclip (sometimes available with the check). Set the bill on the table and bring your right knee up under the table, wearing the Shimpossible PK Power Strip.

Set the inverted glass over the dollar and cover the glass with an opaque napkin (either cloth or paper work just fine). Demonstrate how you want the spectator to hold the glass, cupped between both hands, and in the process, secretly steal the dollar from under the glass.

The Steal

While demonstrating how you want the spectator to secure the glass, secretly lift the glass with your left hand. Your left arm appears to be lying on the table, but is actually only touching the table at the elbow—your arm being angled upright about an inch to the glass.

Resist the urge to tilt the glass. Hold it level, as if it were sitting on the table.

Your right knee sweeps at an angle following the angle of your left arm, removing the dollar from the glass and depositing it under your forearm.

End Game

Slowly and quietly, lower the glass back to the table as the spectator cups their hands around it. Your left arm moves backwards with the dollar. You can either drop it in your lap, or as you start to move the glasses and plates out of your way, palm off the dollar and pick up the check tray, leaving the dollar on top as you set it aside. Move a number of objects before and after, disassociating the contact.

Alternatively, you can slide the dollar under another glass, slip it into a friend’s pocket, or reveal it in your own wallet via Card in Wallet. Substitute a dollar for a signed sugar packet, a paper napkin, a spectator’s ferromagnetic ring, or even a folded playing card, though the latter seems to ruin the spontaneity. You can also use the check itself, which provides a good reason for it to appear back in the tray or portfolio. If the check is stapled, you already have your shim.

The smaller the shim, the more powerful your power source needs to be. The Shimpossible PK Power Pack, featuring the PK Power Strip, is perfect for Dollar Shotpossible.