Ultimate Test: Magic Worth a Salt

Our new HYBRID Sands of the Desert treated sand is a combination of both Waxed and Synthetic Sands. But how is that possible? It’s all thanks to our innovative “wetsuit” technology that envelopes every grain of sand, mimicking the traditional Synthetic coating without harming the Waxed layer. Because this hydrophobic barrier is applied without heat and it is not a liquid, sprayed or dipped, we can apply it to anything.

Want to try this amazing hydrophobic coating for yourself under the most extreme test conditions? Now you can, FREE! Place any size shippable order, write “HYDRO SALT” in the comments box, and I will include a package of ordinary table salt waterproofed by this new technology, FREE!

Everyone knows that salt dissolves quickly in water. This salt will not only survive its bath, it will emerge from the liquid DRY! Pour the treated salt in the water and watch the magic. I will also include a closeup routine created exclusively for real, hydrophobic salt.

What to buy to qualify? Anything, storewide! Start here with Featured Magic.

(offer ENDS Sunday at Midnight)