Your Svengali Deck Won’t Pass This Test!

This looks like a regular deck of cards, but in reality, it is a very deceptive Svengali-style Force Deck.

Traditional Svengali Decks stick out like a sore thumb to anyone who has ever owned one.

And since Svengali Decks are the most popular pitch and demo magic trick on the planet, that’s a lot of folks who know the secret.

You are standing there totally exposed.

Don’t fret! You can turn this horrible situation into a great opportunity. In fact, if you love fooling magicians, or anyone who thinks they know how a trick works, then you’re in for a treat.

Trick Those in the Know!

You would be thoroughly amazed if I picked up a regular deck of cards, and duplicated every trick and stunt possible with a Svengali Deck. This includes flipping through the deck to show all the cards the same.

So How Do You Do It?

Not with a regular deck of cards.

Look at the deck pictured with this article. Notice the edge of the cards. Doesn’t look like a Svengali does it? It looks like a regular deck, but it is a very special gaffed deck that works similar to a Svengali—sort of a professional Svengali—all the cards are the same length and width.

This deserves repeating . . .

It looks like a regular deck, but it is a very special gaffed deck that works similar to a Svengali, only all the cards are the same length and width.

This means you can show the deck from the side—both sides!—by covering the gaff with your finger and thumb in a very natural handling of the cards. Then you can show the deck super-closeup, right in front of their eyes. A traditional Svengali won’t pass the test.

Forcing Cards and Color Changing Decks…

There are two different versions of the special deck. One version gives you the power of the Svengali without the obvious tell—an excellent Force Deck—and the other allows you to perform color changing deck routines with the Svengali principle.

A Svengali Deck isn’t just a toy for new magicians. It is a serious tool for the professional, if you take advantage of every opportunity.

Get both decks for only $12.95 each!

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